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on 25 May, 2016

Applications to Non-CA Universities

Applications to Non-CA Universities

You must have the following while you fill out your applications

  • Personal Information (Full name, DOB, Home address, Phone number)
  • Information on your parent(s)/guardian(s)
  • All high school grade transcripts
  • Know which school in the University you will apply to shortlist your probable major
  • All your documents like Letters of Recommendation, attested grade transcripts must be sent in a sealed envelope to the University


List of Non-CA Universities 

  1. Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
  2. Michigan State University (MSU)
  3. Penn State University
  4. Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology
  5. Rutgers University (All Campuses)
  6. Texas A&M University
  7. University of Arizona
  8. University of California (All Campuses)
  9. University of Central Florida (UCF)
  10. University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign (UIUC)
  11. University of Minnesota – Twin Cities
  12. University of Texas (All Campuses)
  13. University of Washington, Seattle
  14. University of Wisconsin-Madison
  15. University of Florida (All Campuses)

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