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on 25 May, 2016

Common Application Walkthrough - I (Creating Profile)

1. Profile

A. Personal Information:


Simple facts like Name and Date of Birth. Make sure your Name and Date of Birth match the ones on your Passport.


B. Address:


Fill in your Permanent address as it is in your Passport or the most recent MTNL bill. The address must be verified by Common Application. Sometimes, because mapping India is a problem for them, your address my not be verified. Do not fret. Just leave it printed the way you write your address. This should be fine. Follow the same guidelines if you have an alternate mailing address.


C. Contact Details:


E-mail ID and Phone number you would most easily be reachable one. If there are issues with your application at any University in the Common app process itself, they will contact you using these means.


D. Demography:


This entire section is optional. Colleges portray themselves as unbiased. Your ethnicity shall and will not affect your college’s decision. Whether you decide to fill it or not, you must check the last box which says you have filled the section to your satisfaction.


E. Geography:


Here you will enter the city and country of your birth along with how long you have lived in and out of the United States. All questions in this section are mandatory to answer.


F. Languages:


Select the number of languages you can Speak, Write or Read and pick the corresponding proficiency in each. English should ideally be one of the languages.


G. Citizenship:


Here you include your citizenship and any information about your current US Visa (Not the F-1 Visa you plan to get) status.


H. Fee Waiver:

Here you just include whether or not you have a Common App Fee Waiver. This Fee Waiver is offered to people who demonstrate a need for financial aid and are unable to apply to colleges due to fiscal conditions.


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